I can login to TrafficBrowser.com but not the Traffic Browser software?

If you can login to TrafficBrowser.com but your getting issues with the wrong username and password with the Traffic Browser Software Try the following:

1.  Make sure your using your account name not your email address.  In the website and you login with either but the software you must use your account username that you made when you signed up.

2.  Make sure your not using any of the blocked reserved chars in the username or password  Here are the blocked letters not allowed via Traffic Browser   { ';', '<', '>', '|', '\'', '\\', '`', '~', '[', ']', '{', '}', ' ' };  You may beable to use some of them to sign in on the TrafficBrowser.com but not the softaware.

3.  Make sure to use ASCII based characters.  Characters with hypens and extra accents that do not conform to ASCII standards are removed.  Here is a link explaining what ASCII characters are  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII

If your still having issues please submit a help desk request.