What is the purpose of Traffic Browser?

The purpose of Traffic Browser is to help you save time in traffic exchanges and earn more credits!  The more credits you rack up the more credits you can use to Promote your site.
  1. By Auto Logging you in to your selected Traffic Exchanges you save time
  2. By Switching Tabs after you have clicked the image vertification to receive credits, you save time.
  3. By Setting up groups of Traffic Exchanges then launching them at once, you save even more time.
  4. Blocking Popups and blocking those "Hey wait before you go.." spam you save tons of time.

Traffic Browser is also a huge downline builder.  Every referal link you put into Traffic Browser will be availiable to your referrals in the Traffic Browser Website or in the Traffic Browser Software.

The owner of Traffic Browser is also a traffic exchange surfer, your getting the tools the he uses to earn more credits with out the need of monthly fees!