Why does the Traffic Browser software ask me if I want to report stats when I log out?

The Traffic Browser software reports your clicks every X amount of times instead of every single click.  Let's say it reports every 1000 clicks, if you try to logout at 99 for example it will ask you want to report those stats instead of waiting for the next time you hit 1000 clicks.

Now here is what you don't know and we don't tell any one.  We don't record old clicks.  Meaning once a click gets so old we just ignore it.  This is done to prevent cheaters who try to rack up 1000's of clicks using methods we do not like to talk about here but we know about.  I guess no one has bothered to tell some people if they have tons of clicks on Traffic Browser it really does them no good unless they were honestly earned.  Oh well :)

So in an effort to prevent your honest clicks from going stale, we ask you to reports stats when you exit the Traffic Browser software.

You don't really see it but it's talking in the background with our server.

So why do we even ask to report or not?

Well if you happen to lose internet connection we ask you not to report your stats until you regain a stable connection.  If you report your stats and you do not have a connection you could loose credits in the form of clicks.  Please note that clicks not reported to Traffic Browser does not mean you loose any credits with any Traffic Exchange.