Why is there a limit on the amount of votes in can submit in the Downline Builder?

The purpose of being able to vote is to rank the suggested Traffic Exchange you would like to see added to Traffic Browser next.  This does not guarantee that your Traffic Exchange will be added.  But it considered a very high suggestion that we take very seriously.

In the past we have identified a few individuals creating multiple accounts and suggesting freely to artifically rank their Traffic Exhange higher than the rest.  To mimize this we placed a limit on the amout of votes.  By having a limit on the number of votes that each member can suggest, it forces members to make better choices where they cast their votes instead of just voting for everything.

 As the Traffic Browser team approves or disapproves each Traffic Exchange that you voted on, your votes will be returned to you thus allowing you to vote on your next Traffic Exchange.

The higher your Membership Level the higher number of allowable votes you can submit.